Green Slate believes you are only as strong as the people around you. We are so blessed to have many trade partners we work with on a regular basis; many of which have become family friends throughout the years, if they weren't already. We believe that if you know someone who is good at what they do, you tell others about them; +so that is what we are doing.

These are people we love and care about that work in the ever-challenging trades and retail world. +We would ask that if you have a project in one of their fields, or a need in something they sell, please give them a call or visit their websites for more information.


Trades and Construction Retail


Blindheim General Contracting

LeDuc’s Concrete - (360) 668-4851

Point & Paint Painting

Lemongrass Spa Products - (425) 268-8425

Campbell Autogroup of Edmonds - (425) 774-2174

Campbell Autogroup of Everett - (425) 347-5763

Campbell Autogroup Commercial Vehicles - (844) 608-4090